The Artist

Xandria Maurer | Landscape Painter | Award Winning Artist

There is a beauty and majesty found in nature that is magical. The ability to transform those images and create life-like representations via acrylic paint from the inspiration of nature is truly amazing. The journey begins here.

This story is almost as incredible as the art itself. They say life is a journey and for American born artist, Xandria Maurer, it has been a most interesting ride to say the least.

Having spent her formative and young adult years overseas, with time spent in Venezuela and Norway. Xandria acquired a distinct and charming accent that can best be described as a combination of Norwegian English with a touch of Spanish flair.

Having always been a lover of the outdoors it was a natural fit when she fell in love with photography and worked with the Norwegian tourist board capturing beautiful vistas on film that would be included in travel brochures marketed to American tourists.

Coming back to America led Xandria into the world of modeling where she became a spokesmodel for several different companies, such as Jack Daniels, Stoli Vodka and Malibu Rum. Later she landed several different roles as an actress on the Opera stage.

They say life has a way of directing you where you need to go and for Xandria it all started with a horrible Saturday night. After retiring to bed early with shortness of breath and pressure in the chest, the artist realized something was not right. The last thing she remembered was sending a text asking for help. Thankfully that text was answered and she was raced to the local hospital. Upon arrival they soon realized she was in the middle of a serious coronary episode. She was soon transported to another hospital and prepped for what could be a life saving procedure.

Her only recollection of the incident was that she regretted that she had never painted, in fact she had never even tried.  Well today you know that not only did she survive the procedure, but she also started to paint. Her imagination was awakened with the beauty of nature calling out to her to capture its beauty on canvas for all the world to see.

Since becoming a landscape artist, Xandria’s paintings have won numerous awards and have been sought out by those wanting to buy her amazing work and share with others her incredible life changing story. It is a God given talent which she now shares with the world.